Anthony Macri Takes 410 Sprint Feature At Williams Grove

MECHANICSBURG, PA – Anthony Macri was victorious on Friday night in the 25 lap Sprint Car feature event at the Williams Grove Speedway.

Dylan Cisney finished in the runner up position with Freddie Rahmer, Devon Borden and Danny Dietrich completing the top five.

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410 Sprint Car Feature Results (25 laps):  ANTHONY MACRI, Dylan Cisney, Freddie Rahmer, Devon Borden, Danny Dietrich, Chad Trout, Lucas Wolfe, Steve Buckwalter, Alan Krimes, Brent Shearer, Pat Cannon, Dylan Norris, TJ Stutts, Justin Whittal, Austin Bishop, Jared Esh, Tyler Reeser, Chris Arnold, Chase Dietz, Matt Campbell, Kyle Moody, Aaron Bollinger, Logan McCandeless